The Peoples Network

Helium is a unique new type of decentralized infrastructure similar in many ways to our Althea broadband networks. But rather than providing high speed broadband using fixed wireless technology that typically only has a range of 1-5 miles, Helium provides low-power low-bandwidth connectivity to simple devices like sensors and automation devices classified as the “internet of things” (IoT). To accomplish this Helium uses a standard called LoRA (aka LongFi) that operates in the 900mhz spectrum and is capable of reaching distances of 10-15 miles or more. Less than 100 helium hotspots is all it takes to provide total coverage over a large metropolitan area, or a huge expanse of rural terrain.

Hosting a Helium Hotspot

Much in the same way our Althea relay hosts earn a revenue in DAI for providing bandwidth to customers around them, individuals who host helium hotspots “mine” the helium token (HNT) through a process referred to as “Proof-of-Coverage” (PoC). This works by hotspots working together to “witness” each other, proving they are providing coverage over a given geographic area. The larger the coverage area provided by a hotspot and the more surrounding hotspots are able to witness it (and vice-versa), the more helium tokens a hotspot mines. These helium tokens can then be traded or cashed out on cryptocurrency exchanges, or you can use your helium tokens to connect LongFi compatible IoT devices to the Helium network.

Building A Smarter More Connected World With IoT

The “internet of things” is a rapidly growing ecosystem of simple devices that are gaining rapid adoption from helping create smart homes, providing businesses valuable marketing and performance metrics through smart sensors, improving the efficiency and overall operations of agricultural and industrial operations through automation devices, to building safer and more connected municipal infrastructure through a variety of IoT technology applications.

As wider adoption of this technology grows rural communities will be able to benefit in the same ways that larger metropolitan areas are already experiencing the potential this technology has to make our homes safer and more comfortable, our businesses to operate more efficiently, and our cities able to modernize their limited obsolete municipal infrastructure.

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Technical Resources

For a technical deep dive into the Helium network and how the underlying blockchain technology functions you can find their whitepaper here.

Learn more about the economic structure of the Helium token ecosystem here.