Our organization is a proud member of the wider community of Althea network operators, building locally owned and operated decentralized mesh networks across the globe. Althea is an open-source project that is a fundamental re-imaging of how broadband networks can be built and operated. A disruptive model that creates that creates a multi-stakeholder system of network operators and individual relay hosts, through which every participant earns a revenue in direct proportion to their participation in growing the network, connecting neighborhoods together in a peer-to-peer manner. Read more here.

Decentralized Web

D-Web Technologies specializes in a variety of decentralized web technologies. Through our partnership with D-Web we are building out Helium long-range wireless mesh networks for IoT device connectivity and management. Through these networks people can connect smart home devices and businesses can adopt cutting-edge sensors and automation technology.

Mission West Community Development Partners

In partnership with Mission West Community Development Partners we are working to develop strategies through which we can guide rural communities through the process of forming their own autonomous broadband co-operatives and build out modern broadband networks to provide the connectivity their local residents and businesses require.

Electronic Frontier Alliance

We are a proud member of the Electronic Frontier Alliance (EFA) — a group of ideologically aligned organizations that advocate for digital rights, personal privacy and security, digital inclusion, free expression, and universal digital access. As a member of the EFA we are aligned with the principles the EFF stands for, as well advocating for and working to create net neutral secure community operated networks.

Ooma Office

Ooma is our chosen partner for providing home and small business VoIP service. Oma’s suite of products and services provide home, SOHO, and small-to-mid-sized business quality phone service with an array of advanced features.

3CX provides advanced PBX (public branch exchange) software for cloud-hosted or on-prem VoIP systems for large businesses and corporate offices, hotels, or call centers that have complex phone service requirements. Through our 3CX offering we can provide our enterprise-class customers with any VoIP services they require, no matter how complex.

We are a member of the the Montana High Tech Business Alliance, a group of Montana-based tech businesses and entrepreneurs working on fostering the growth of the technology industry across the state of Montana.