We are an organization of senior systems, network, and software engineers and veterans of the corporate ISP / telecommunications industry. We’ve taken our 50+ years combined experience and passion for technology and decided to focus it on where our skills can have the greatest impact on the communities we live in: working to close the digital divide. With over a quarter of rural America struggling to access broadband our nation is facing a crisis that requires a new solution. With our unique combination of skills, a growing portfolio of revolutionary decentralized infrastructure technologies, and participation from the communities that are in need of fast and affordable broadband we can provide rural America with this vital lifeline service.

Elvis Nuno

Elvis has spent 18 years working in the technology and telecom industry, working on building the first 4G network in the county. He has extensive experience as a lead network operations technician, senior systems / network / cloud engineering, systems automation and orchestration, developer operations best practices, and blockchain infrastructure operations.

Kevin Mesiab

Kevin Mesiab has over 20 years experience working as a full stack software engineer working in the technology and telecom fields. Kevin has a strong background as a senior application developer, back-end systems development, cyber security analysis, and has run a number of successful tech startups.

Jacob Dobie

Jacob has over 15 years experience working as a senior level network engineer and management, leading large scale systems deployments for Fortune 500 companies. He specializes in the design, implementation, and deployment of major corporate and datacenter infrastructure. He also has significant experience working as a senior manager of network deployment technician teams, leading and overseeing complex project planning and execution of the implementation of advanced enterprise networks and related systems.