ISP Design, Engineering, and Operations

ISP Design, Engineering, and Operations

The traditional corporate telecom model has failed. With the digital divide wider than ever, and no solutions in sight from the bigĀ  national communications providers, it’s clear a top down solution will never fix the problem.

In today’s world any town regardless of location, or size have a rapidly growing demand for better and faster internet service.

That is why we are working at the grassroots level to deliver a bottom-up, locally focused, community based solutions for those struggling to gain access to this lifeline service.

It is core to our mission to provide the necessary expertise to any organized and dedicated group, regardless of prior experience, to successfully build next generation networks that can meet their communities needs now and into the future.

Whether you’re a group looking to launch a new ISP for your neighborhood or rural community, wanting to provide a new alternative for residents in an urban center, or already operate a local ISP but are struggling to stay ahead of the technological curve: we can provide a solution to help close that digital divide.

Drawing on our in-depth insight into traditional telecom and our experience with next-generation decentralized infrastructure technologies we provide full-service ISP network design and engineering consulting and managed services to fit any need.

No matter your level, location, or size we will help guide your organization through each phase from initial conception, planning, deployment, to full operation of modern ISP infrastructure capable of delivering best-in-class broadband at an affordable price, while also delivering an ROI that far exceeds traditional telecom networks.