Anderson Island has struggled with slow, unreliable, and obsolete DSL service for decades. Things are long over-due for a major overhaul in the broadband infrastructure on the island, and residents are desperate for modern connectivity that can provide them fast and reliable service so they can easily work from home, their children can access distance learning, and everyone can receive telehealth services when they need to.

That’s why we at the Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance are working hard to bring a new kind of technology to the island by which people can receive the service they need through a locally sourced community-powered solution by leveraging Althea’s decentralized mesh networking technology.

We have spent countless hours studying the island and every facet of it’s geography, it’s existing infrastructure, and learning more about the residents of the island themselves and the needs they have that aren’t currently being provided by the aging and limited centurylink DSL service on the island, and even more limited cell phone coverage.

While there are many challenges in building any type of infrastructure on the island, we believe we have the best solution that can provide residents of the island with fast, affordable, and reliable connectivity that’s long overdue.

If you would like to know more about our purposed network, the level and quality of service it will provide, where the initial service area will likely cover, and when the community can expect us to break ground on this entirely new type of network please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the contact form below.