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Connecting the un-connected with next generation solutions

The Pacific Northwest Rural Broadband Alliance was founded in 2020 with the mission to facilitate the adoption of next generation blockhain-based decentralized infrastructure technologies to solve the ever widening digital divide created by big telecom ignoring the needs of our rural communities.

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Stop waiting for incumbent ISP's to provide your community the attention it deserves. Learn how we are working to close the digital divide.


Our Mission

Using next generation technology to close the digital divide

Our organization provides the solutions needed to connect rural communities to the global economy.

With a combined 50+ years of experience working in the telecom and IT industry and over a decade working in the rapidly developing world of blockchain technology and decentralized infrastructure we have a unique insight into the technologies driving future technological development.

We are passionate about leveraging our knowledge and experience in the industry to help guide our rural communities in how to use cutting-edge technology to solve modern problems.


Our Services

A Solution To Meet Every Community's Needs

New Network Deployment and Operation

We coordinate with the community to provide the full service of building and operating a broadband networks while still leaving full ownership of the last-mile infrastructure distributed to participating members of the community.

Creating Community Providers

We serve as the catalyst for communities to form their own local ISP, providing guidance in planning, deployment, and long term operational support to ensure they continue to successfully grow and evolve to meet future needs.

Growing Community Providers

We provides the support and expertise needed to guide existing community ISP’s to grow and evolve their operations to reach new customers and provide new and improved services that meet present and future demand.


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