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We are a team of telecom and technology experts with a combined 50 years of experience that we draw on to provide rural communities the connectivity solutions they need.

The mission of our organization is to facilitate the adoption of revolutionary decentralized infrastructure technology to solve one of the most pressing problems our rural communities face: the lack of access to modern broadband. This limited connectivity has lead to much of our country being cut off from vital services and had a disproportionately negative impact on both individuals and businesses to even be aware of these dramatic shifts in technology (let alone adapt to them), leaving them at a severe disadvantage when compared to cities and wealthy areas that can afford to keep up with this rapid development of technological standards that are driving change of the world economy into the future.

By leveraging cutting edge blockchain technology platforms to provide communities with invaluable knowledge and the hands-on resources needed to build this vital infrastructure we can stop the endless cycle of “catch-up” our rural communities have been struggling with, continually using previous generation solutions to try and solve next generation problems.

With the power these technologies have to level the playing field and further democratize the internet itself, given the proper guidance we can provide the necessary solutions to our broadband crisis and the ever-widening digital divide. With these technologies being more accessible than ever we can provide modern connectivity to even the smallest and most disconnected communities and help bring them into the 21st century by provide them the services and the tools needed to participate in the global economy.


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